Society Outreach

Date: Location: Title:
14/01/2019 Artrix Theatre, Bromsgrove Black Holes
Dave Jnes gave a 'Simple View' on the evolution of black holes to the Bromsgrove U3A.
06/02/2019 Fradley Beavers and Cubs Astronomy Badge
20/03/2019 Barnt Green Cubs Astronomy Badge
24/01/2018 Fradley Beavers and Cubs Astronomy Badge
15/02/2018 Fradley Beavers and Cubs ‘Astronomy' and ‘Astronautics' badges
26/02/2018 Birchensale Middle School Science Evening
16/06/2018 Avoncroft Museum AT&T - Corporate Event
16/10/2018 3rd Bromsgrove Beaver Scouts Astronomy Badge
03/11/2018 Hartlebury Castle Stars and Light Painting
21/11/2018 3rd Bromsgrove Beaver Scouts Cubs Astronomy Badge
22/11/2018 3rd Bromsgrove Beaver Scouts Cubs Astronomy Badge
01/12/2018 Avoncroft Museum Candlelit Christmas Evening
02/02/2017 Birchensale Middle School Space and Astronomy
We were invited to put on a display of telescopes and hopefully, weather permitting, let students and parents use them. Unfortunately clouds meant that only the indoor display was possible.
15/02/2017 St. Stephens Primary School Key Stage 1 Astronomy
Talks on the 'Night Sky' and 'The Planets'
31/03/2017 Bromsgrove Library Stargazing Live
Once again invited to put on a display. On for 31st March and 1st April. Members in attendance to answer any questions
20/05/2017 Avoncroft Museum The Museum at Night
17/06/2017 Avoncroft Museum Corporate Event
We were invited to put on a display at the museum for a private booking by a local company. Many of the participants enjoyed viewing the sun through our solar scope during the early evening and Jupiter later on in the evening. Seeing was such that initially we could clearly see the bands and later three of the moons.
16/09/2017 Avoncroft Museum Camping in the Museum
25/10/2017 Hartlebury Castle Stars And Light Painting
02/12/2017 Avoncroft Museum Candlelit Christmas
16/01/2016 Bromsgrove Library Stargazing Live
Bromsgrove Astronomical Society welcomed visitors to Bromsgrove Library to provide some tips on stargazing and answer questions regarding the hobby.
08/02/2016 Catshill Cubs Astronomy Badge
Telescope session rained off
29/02/2016 Catshill Cubs Astronomy Badge
Telescope session rained off
07/03/2016 Fradley Brownies & Rainbows Astronomy Badge
'Phases of the Moon' Interactive session with Rainbow - Observed Jupiter and Galilean Moons through Telescope.
25/06/2016 Avoncroft Museum Camping Under the Stars
Bromsgrove Astronomical Society were invited to camp out under the stars with Avoncroft Museum. Visitors had an opportunity to look through member telescopes
05/10/2016 The Hive Space Evening
The Hive, Worcester held a space evening and invited Bromsgrove Astronomical Society to exhibit and bring telescopes to provide a glimpse of some celestial objects. The weather was favourable and lots of excited children and adults enjoyed some spectacular views of our moon from the balcony.
01/11/2016 1st Lickey Cub Scouts Astronomy Badge
02/12/2016 Avoncroft Museum Outdoor showing of the movie 'Mars'
Avoncroft Museum invited Bromsgrove Astronomical Society to attend their outdoor showing of ‘Mars' and educate visitors on all things astronomical.
03/12/2016 Avoncroft Museum Candlelit Christmas
28/01/2015 Fradley Beavers and Cubs Astronomy Badge for Cubs
Plus 'Order of the Planets' Plus Interactive session - rained off
23/10/2015 Hagley Rambler Scouts Introduction to Astronomy
18/11/2015 Barnt Green Cubs Astronomy Badge
Telescope session Rained off.
21/11/2015 3rd Bromsgrove Beaver Scouts Cubs - Astronomy Badge
06/01/2014 Bromsgrove Library Stargazing
A display was put up in the library as part of their 'Stargazing Live' event. The display was manned by club members on the 6th and 11th Jan when we also had some telescopes available.
07/02/2014 Bromsgrove Guides Astronomy Badge
17/05/2014 Avoncroft Museum Candlelit Avoncroft
30/09/2014 3rd Bromsgrove Beaver Scouts Astronomy Badge
05/03/2013 1st Lickey Cub Scouts Astronomy Badge
29/06/2013 Lickey Guides Space etc.
07/12/2013 Avoncroft Museum Candlelit Christmas
Avoncroft Museum in Bromsgrove held its Traditional Candlelit Christmas Evening on Sat 7th Dec and was kind enough to invite Bromsgrove Astronomical Society. This promotional event was very well received with lots of interest. Despite some lengthy cloudy spells there were some breaks in the cloud cover providing some lucky visitors with eyepiece views of Jupiter, the Orion Nebula and the Pleiades.
22/01/2012 Droitwich Library Space Day
A display was set up on the 5th Jan in readiness for the 'Space Day' event on 22nd Jan. Removed by 26th Jan. On the 22nd members manned a small display in the library throughout the day.
20/02/2012 3rd Bromsgrove Beaver Scouts Astronomy Badge
25/02/2012 Artrix Theatre, Bromsgrove An Introduction to Astronomy
Three talks were given by Rob Januszewski, Sue Dipple and Rob Dipple. Display of images and telescopes. After the talks we moved outside where visitors were able to enjoy the night sky through the telescopes.
05/04/2012 Spadesboure Suite, Bromsgrove U3A
We were invited to give a presentation to The University of the Third Age - 'Stars and Pixels' given by Paul Norris
10/11/2012 Bromsgrove High St. Dark Sky Event
Display in the high street manned by members. Aim to increase the awareness of the public to the consequences of light polution.
01/05/2011 Stoke Parish Recreational Ground Parish Fete
20/08/2011 Avoncroft Museum Victorian Weekend
A two day promotional event amidst the Historic Buildings of Avoncroft Museum in Bromsgrove. BAS members were dressed for the weekend theme – The Victorian Age. Visitors to the museum took some time to explore the display and ask questions. A few scopes were on display for the public to examine and members were on hand both days to answer any astronomical questions.
18/11/2011 Avoncroft Museum Leonids and Cocoa
Display and short talk in the Guesten Hall then outside to look for the Leonids. Not many seen but plenty of telescopes for visitors to enjoy the night sky. Avoncroft provided the cocoa.
26/11/2011 Bromsgrove Recreation Ground Bromsgrove Carnival
Small display and telescopes to promote the society and astronomy.
03/12/2011 Avoncroft Museum Candlelit Christmas
As visitors learnt of the opportunity to look at the moon and Jupiter through members telescopes more visitors seized a glimpse and were happy to talk about their experiences and ask questions.